Upstart Café  

POWER UP on July 13, 2014

Get entrepreneuring. Change the world!

Attend the free talk by POWER UP, a nonprofit (by super entrepreneur Pascal Finette) that inspires and supports the entrepreneur generation.

As entrepreneurs, we have the awesome potential to tackle Big Problems in the world. Together.

The future is bright.

Join fifty people at our makerspace as Pascal Finette (tele-)presents the vision. And invite anyone else who action dreams big. The time is now!

A sample of Pascal Finette:

Let's change the world. Now.

You'll get to ask Pascal Finette questions during the hour talk.

Pascal believes no challenge is too great. He passionately does good and helps people empower themselves.

Feed your mind by making!

(This is a living document. It changes!)

In this maker culture, we shift from seeking jobs to creating them, from buying device parts to printing them in 3D, from requesting features to making our own, and from hoarding knowledge to sharing it!

Each of us doesn't become a maker. We realize we are one.

Makers are everyday people from all walks of life.

Proof that we're all makers:

(A note from the company's designer Marino Hernandez)

I had avoided the maker path forever.

Felt clumsily awkward making or understanding technical stuff.

Still do. Yet now taking the leap to help design a makerspace.

Why? A realization: it feels less awkward doing something when we put into our minds that we can do it.

I'm going to do and learn things I hadn't thought possible.

So if making intimidates you, take an opportunity to break free with people who can relate and teach you how to begin nurturing habits for success.

Our community also has experts who teach with a smart simplicity.

And since we lack the expensive machinery you'd find at a typical makerspace, we start off with cool technology that you can actually find online affordably.

You'll have plenty to make!

Join us in learning to craft things sustainably and more easily, including 3D printing, welding, websites, campfires, etc. Enjoy exotic fruits and veggies from our gardens and learn to plant one.

We’re a reasonable lot: you can either pay or volunteer to fulfill your membership!

Upstart Café in peaceful snow

Make in good company at our co-making space.

With people next to you, people over the internet, and from around the world.

The internet is spilling into the world!

The future promises to let us all share hand-held objects as easily as we share links and images on the web.

We'll start now.

At first, simply by sharing 3D designs for anyone to print (as is custom).

Then, with a 'make cam' area hooked to the internet. A simple web cam you may sit in front of to make things, with potentially anyone from around the world watching.

And in time we'll figure out how to improve the make cam so that:

  • Anyone watching in from online can offer ideas and tips to the person making.
  • We collaborate openly on cam with other makerspaces and with the internet.
  • Any number of people can watch in.
  • We save, translate, subtitle, and index/label the videos on the fly.*
  • You can rewind or fast forward the video, and easily flip between normal, slow motion, and timelapse speed.*
Being an open source project, other Co-Making spaces can more easily copy, remix, expand on, and share eveything we do – and vice versa.

With the software and as a business.

*The concepts by Openplex, a member company making sense of things to improve upon together.

Dear makers and inventors,

Something cool is taking root in Bethlehem.

The global economy is transforming as people shift from buying all their stuff to making the things they use.

It's a growing wave of opportunity for entrepreneurs and local economies everywhere!

A wave worth catching early.

Bethlehem Steel once powered the region and now you empower its transition into a maker culture, and from Steel to Silicon. Let's change how people envision Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley.

Dive into the action at Upstart Café! (formerly SoBeCoWorks)

  • Get to know Santiago Rivera, the founder and whose team ranked as finalists in a Startup Weekend.

  • Play with new makers' devices, such as a pen that doodles in 3D; and Kano: the computer anyone can make. (Coming soon: littleBits, 3D printers, and more!)

  • Launch your startup business from our coworking space, where former members have gone on to success.

  • View inventions as they happen at Upstart Café and more concepts on display.

  • Pay for your membership at very reasonable rates. We can also offer a pay honor fee system where you volunteer time to build a stronger Co-Maker community.

  • Meet opportunities and kindred minds.

  • Get business consultation from open source inventors at a reasonable price or simply free since the ideas will be open source and put out to the world.

  • Work next to an open source company that's a member here.

  • See its founder in action, who's also involved in missions to help Motorola revolutionize the smartphone.

  • Eat fresh vegetables from our organic community garden.

  • Set your laptop/tablet on our desktop treadmill, staying fit, and learn as we build the world's lowest price desktop treadmill

  • Come anytime 24/7 with a partner desk membership and enjoy access to the shower room!

  • Join our movement to help transition Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley from 'Steel to Silicon'.

  • Also be a member of 'Makers Valley', an upcoming and open market from Lehigh's community of inventors, makers, and entrepreneurs.

  • Be here or participate as we change the world! Be around people who love forging disruptive ideas and inventions.

Makers are people making things like illustrations, mobile apps, electronics, hardware, arts & crafts, websites, food growers or preparers, robotics, etc.

Also, if you're looking to live closer while building your business, we can help you roommate locally with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Let your friends know!

Also come to our launch party on March 22, from 2 pm to 6 pm!


Making locally. Globally.

Let's share everything about how we operate Upstart Café. Everything! Making it easier for anyone to duplicate what we're doing.

We'll be crowdfunding soon for an app to make this kind of sharing as easy – and open – as possible.

And freeing the app for anyone to use, remix, and share.